Winter Property Managment

Snow Free Roads

Don’t have the budget or the space for a plow and a snow blower? Call Titan Landscaping and Property Maintenance and we’ll take care of it for you. Avoid an aching back this winter and let us do the winter work.

Flower Planting & Maintenance

Not everyone is born with a green thumb, but everyone should be able to have a garden they enjoy. Titan Landscaping can help you with plantings, flowers, and seasonal displays to make your yard stand out with the look you’ve always wanted.

Gardening Services

A beautiful lawn requires a lot of maintenance. Mowing, raking, trimming, watering, all of these things take time. If you would like to have the perfect backyard but don’t have the room in your schedule, hire Titan Landscaping and Property Maintenance to do the dirt work for you. We’ll come by every week to make sure that your yard is perfect, just the way you want it.

Grass Cutting & Hedge Trimming

You’ve done it before. The rotten leaves, the quickly growing weeds, the long to-do list. Spring cleanups can be a hassle simply because there’s so much to do. Hire the experts at Titan Landscaping and before you know it your yard will be ready for a summer of parties and barbecues.

Landscape Design

Maybe you have a beautiful space that isn’t being properly utilized. Maybe your kids have grown up and you finally got rid of the trampoline. Maybe you just want a more professional look. Whatever your reasons, Titian Landscaping can work with you to find the perfect professional landscape design for your yard. After all, a good-looking yard isn’t just about grooming – if the design isn’t attractive then all the work in the world won’t make it look good.

Sod Planting

Slowing down and watching the grass grow sounds good. In theory. But the reality is that if your lawn needs renewing, you’ll be looking at a big patch of dirt for weeks. And why wait, when summer can begin right now — with a lush green carpet underfoot?

When it comes to getting a thick, healthy lawn, nothing beats sod for instant gratification.

Get in Touch

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